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  • What is Kwyk?
    Kwyk is a NextGen SaaS Ecommerce platform. Using Kwyk you can create your own Online Store by yourself and start taking Online Orders directly from your customers in less than 30 minutes.
  • How is Kwyk Different than Other Apps?
    Unlike other Apps Kwyk gives you complete freedom to manage your online business: # Kwyk helps you to create your own Online Store and manager it yourself. # Kwyk does not charge any commission. Its 0%. # We do not limit your delivery radius. You can take orders from customers across the city. # You can set your own discounts by yourself. # You also get your customer data
  • What are the plans offered by Kwyk?
    Kwyk currently offers subscription and transaction plans, each comes with specific benefits and fees. Please check Plans & Pricing here.
  • What are the delivery charges on Kwyk?
    To help you to deliver your Orders to your customers quickly we work with various Delivery Partner companies. Delivery fees is as per their fare rates, we transparently show delivery fees to your customers AS IS.
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