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Battle of survival for Restaurants: Kwyk - an alternative to big aggregators

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Stop paying high commission to aggregators. Kwyk is an alternative to Swiggy and Zomato. Join the revolution partner with us now.

Restaurants have been struggling to survive in the pandemic. Still, they have been forced to give huge discounts and huge commission. Reduced footfall and higher dependency on online orders has made the Restaurants to finally realize that they have been losing their hard-earned money to the commission taking aggregators. The commission charged by current aggregators is around 30-35%; which means, every 3rd order received from these platforms is going for free. These aggregators also control the customer data and decision-making process. So, the current online playing field is just not level enough for the restaurants.

This is why it’s time that the restaurant owners take control of their own destiny. The downturn caused by the Covid-19 has forced Restaurants to look for alternatives to the current aggregators which charge hefty commission.

Kwyk, a Pune based Food Tech startup, with its All-In-One solution intends to help hyperlocal businesses across India to provide a combination of various Online Ordering channels to build direct relationship with their customers and avoid predatory commission of aggregators.

Using latest mobile and web technology, Kwyk brings together all pieces of the hyperlocal ecosystem on a single platform. With integrated order management, payment, delivery and access to customer data and analytics, now restaurant can focus on their core business and build customer loyalty and Kwyk will take care of entire ordering to delivery operations.

Restaurants after singing up on Kwyk platform can offer following ordering channels to their customers:

  1. Traditional aggregator app

  2. New direct ordering webpage which eliminates the need for downloading an app

  3. QR code for instore as well as remote ordering

Our company works on two affordable commercial models (subscription based and transaction based) and Restaurant partners are free to select any one that suits their requirement. Kwyk is supported by Pune’s reputed MIT University’s Technology Business Incubator and is also part of 100X.VC Gurukul.

100.X VC funding simplified and MIT Pune Technology Business Incubator part of MIT WPU (World Peace University)

Kwyk’s new affordable technology solution has excited the Restaurants and many are already considering it as an alternative to the two commission taking giants. The company is currently operational in Pune city and in short time, close to 200 popular restaurants in the city have signed up on Kwyk platform including Pune’s most iconic brands like Roopali, Cafe Goodluck, Marzorin, Dorabjee & Sons Restaurant and many more.

Company’s unique business model ensures higher income for the Restaurants and also ensures that for a customer same food ordered from same restaurant for same delivery location is always cheaper on Kwyk than any other food delivery platform. In short, Kwyk is building world’s first omni-channel unified ordering solution which is affordable for restaurants and economical for customers.#0000FF

So, gear up for the revolution in the food delivery market as Kwyk is here to change the game for everyone!!

Join the revolution. For partner listing contact:

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